• Want some proven tips on achieving more Winning Presentations?
  • Want to be able to “Say It Like Shakespeare” and enhance your communication success in the process?
  • Want a winning conference program, training seminar, or team coaching for your high-stakes presentations?
  • Would better communication and presentations with customers and colleagues help you achieve better      business success, personal confidence, and career advancement?

Tom LeechThen Look to Tom Leech
Author, Speaker, Consultant, Coach


  • “Selling Yourself and Your  Ideas with Winning Presentations.” Proven tips for presentations success.
  • “Making Sure PowerPoint Helps, not Hinders, Your Presentations.” Enough of overloaded graphics and boring bullets – more presentations that communicate, sell, and win.
  • “Adding to Your Success  with Timeless Tips from the Bard of Avon.” Applying valuable and surprisingly-relevant insights from Say It Like Shakespeare.
  • “Politics & Persuasion: from Campaign Trail to Conference Room.” Tips from politicians hits and misses. Highly entertaining and relevant program about politicians hits.and misses and what business presenters can learn from them.
  • “Perils of the Platform, or A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Podium.” Lessons-learned from embarrassing, expensive, and much too frequent snafus during speeches and presentations (also called intrusions of Murphy’s Law).
  • “Yes Techies Can Talk…and Sometimes Even Sell.”      Transforming engineers and scientists from boring to lively and successful presenters.

And for a change of topic from regular business for groups meeting in San Diego, consider this for your team, corporate or association: “An introduction to San Diego’s Outdoors World: waiting and accessible for you to explore.” Based on Tom’s book, with co-author Jack Farnan, SVP HR Mitchell Corp, Outdoors San Diego: Hiking, Biking & Camping (Premier).



“(Your Keynote Speech) set the tone for the meeting — everyone thoroughly enjoyed your presentatons. You certainly contributed to a successful conference.” Dr. Jackie Hartman. ABC (Association of Business Communication)

“Tom’s session was very well-received and highly-rated by our members.  Tom made the learning experience very enjoyable.” Mary Maul, Education Director, NSPE (National Society of Prof. Engineers.

His program appealed to all. Our visitors from the United Kingdom and Germany found Leech’s quick guidelines and timely tips especially helpful; neither had seen similar tips from any resources in their countries. As a result, I’m pleased to recommend Tom Leech as a valuable resource for improving anyone’s presentation skills, all the way up to experienced veterans in the communication business.” Tom Gable, CEO, Gable PR (IPREX PR Partnerships)

“Your stimulating workshop was well received. (Our Director) promised it would be great; you didn’t disappoint us.” Joseph Lillie, Chair, Prof. Activities Conference, IEEE-USA

“Your presentation was a success. Many people told me how much they enjoyed your session.” David Kull, Conference Coordinator, Toastmasters Annual Convention

“Thank you for sharing your interpretation of the Bard’s wisdom and its application to the world of proposals at our recent APMP Annual Conference. The audience enjoyed the clever repartee between your competing managers as they bantered back-and-forth with dialogue taken from the Bard’s quotes.David Winton, Executive Director, APMP (Ass’n of Proposal Management Professionals)


“Excellent overview of many of the things you rarely think of when giving a presentation. They can make a big difference.”  Rick Lober, GM/Sr VP, Cubic Defense Application, Inc.  (Sales Team Annual Conference)

“Initially I attended Tom’s Winning Presentations course over 20 years ago. To this day whenever I am putting together a presentation I go back and pull from those two days of training. It was quite a pleasure to attend Tom’s recent refresher course and see all of the new tips he had come up with. He definitely keeps it fresh.” Greg Kaps, Director Marketing, Moog A/C

“The techniques, advice, approaches, and suggestions provided in your session proved to be most valuable to our staff. The lessons learned from your past experiences really put an exclamation point on the value of doing it right. Keep up the good work as we continue to use your services throughout our entire organization.” Ron Chu, President, Tech Support Services Group, Tetra Tech, Inc.

“Thanks so much for your outstanding presentation. It was a great success and we all felt that your advice hit the main areas that we need to improve on in our presentations.”  Guy Salvesen, Ph.D., Coordinator, Burnham Institute, Cancer Research (Annual Mgt/Team Retreat)

Organizations for which I’ve provided conference programs run the gamut:
– Corporate.  TetraTech, Cubic, SAIC, BAE SYSTEMS, ATA Engineering, Hewlett-Packard, Raytheon, L-3, Rockwell, ATK,  Teledyne, Burns & McDonnell…
– National Associations & Tradeshows.  APMP (Ass’n of Proposal Management Professionals), BABC (British-American Business Association), PRSA (Public Relations Society of America), ABC (Ass’n of Business Communicators),  IPREX (Public Relations), Bright Green Conference, NSPE (Professional Engineers), IEEE-USA, IASPC (Prof. Security Consultants), Toastmasters, CA Women’s Conference, AMA (Am. Management Ass’n), Presentations, plus many to corporations…
– Local Association Meetings. SGMP (Government Meeting Planners), IMA (Management Accountants), WEC (Women Engineers), NDIA (Nat’l Defense Industrial Ass’n), PMI (Program Managers), PRSA. …
– Public Agencies and Non-profits.  US Air Force-Industry Day, Burnham Institute, California Conservation Corps, State of California, Scripps Inst. of Oceanography,CA Police Officers, City of San Diego, Port of San Diego, UC-San Diego Executive Programs…
– Management Clubs.  American Airlines Retirees, Teledyne, City of San Diego, Ford, General Atomics, Teledyne…
– Online programs/webinars. Business Practices Institute.


In this highly competitive and changing world, success requires being able to communicate clearly and well with others. “Contracts and careers are made or broken in ten minutes in the board room” Our programs have proven effective in helping organizations and individuals enhance their ability to communicate with customers and colleagues, leading to better business success, personal confidence, and career advancement.

We look forward to helping your team, as we have helped many others.