Coach 1:1


Personal Coaching

We frequently coach executives in private sessions, either to sharpen speaking skills in general, to prepare them for a new assignment, or for specific upcoming speeches or presentations.

Our help is generally requested in two ways:  (1) by the executive themselves or (2) by someone in the organization who recognizes a situation that warrants personal coaching.

Some examples of assignments:

  • Financial firm Sr. Executive had an important presentation coming up. She was a skilled presenter, but wanted to add that extra edge. We video-taped her presentation, provided feedback and coaching on several aspects. She made fixes and repeated the presentation two days later, again video-taped. The improvement was striking.
  • Researcher had important conference presentation overseas. Company asked us to work with him to ensure good product considering different audience and situation.
  • Product Development specialist had an important upper management presentation to obtain support for new approach. Content, delivery and confidence needed sharpening.
  • Health care practitioner, involved in national association, was seeking high office and requested help with debates and speeches.
  • Company president got feedback indicating presentations weren’t going over well. Asked for help.
  • CEO was pitching for key financial support, a “must-succeed” situation.
  • CLIENTS: As these are personal assignments, we can provide specific relevant clients in discussions.


“I worked with Tom to practice and polish a vital presentation I was delivering as part of my candidacy for a job promotion. He was a great help in improving the flow of my presentation, teaching me to visually direct my audience and to emphasize the important content. And seeing myself on video certainly helped as well! I would recommend engaging Tom any time you need help preparing for an important presentation. Tiffany McDowell, PhD, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

“As an engineer, I often found myself not connecting with audiences leading to presentations that were not well understood or well received. Tom’s coaching helped me overcome this challenge and helped me keep audiences engaged and interested in the information being presented. I would recommend Tom to anyone seeking help with presentations.” Marco Sessa, VP, Sudberry Properties

“My thanks to you once again for the friendly, professional manner in which you conduct your training sessions. As a result of your coaching, my presentations have been smooth and well received — and I have been relaxed.” Nancy Jensen, President, NJ Consulting

“Tom conducted an internal training program for our senior management team to better prepare all of us for upcoming speeches and new business presentations. The candid assessments of our strengths and weaknesses (considerable!) established a foundation to build on and then improve with his insightful tips on content, physical presence and delivery. I have personally benefited from the training as I took on national roles in the Public Relations Society of America, the IPREX global network of PR firms and in speaking to local, regional and national organizations on strategic public relations.”  Tom Gable, CEO, Gable PR, San Diego

“With intermittent public speaking engagements ranging from small groups to auditoriums and from known associates to complete strangers, I sought out Tom to enhance my skills for public presentations. Tom has a wonderful reputation in San Diego and I was not disappointed. While preparation and practice are critical to effective public speaking, so was his coaching in establishing a relaxed presence by consciously mastering my breathing and projecting more effectively. With so much of our speaking now driven around PowerPoint presentations Tom is very helpful in how to use this medium as an effective tool rather than an overburdened crutch… something I see all to often at speaking engagements. I would not hesitate to recommend Tom as a coach at any level for more effective public speaking.”
Jerry Hall, Chief Operating Officer, Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.

FORMAT: Executive coaching is tailored to each specific situation. Here’s a typical coaching sequence:
Planning session — Meet with speaker or sponsor to assess needs and agree on plan. Review videos or audience feedback if available.
First coaching session — Speaker will be ready with initial material or per assignment. We’ll go over their objectives, needs and approaches. We may help with presentations strategy and content development or review materials or have a presentation rehearsal. We provide feedback, coaching and video review.
Second and further coaching sessions — Build on first session. Discuss results so far, or continue development per plan. Review further materials or conduct next-level practice. Further video taping and evaluation. Continue as warranted and agreed upon.