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From Tom Leech, author, speech coach, and conference speaker, a new book    best Patricia

 Say It Like Shakespeare:
The Bard’s Timeless Tips for Communication Success (2nd edition)

WINNER of 2014 Int’l Book Awards for Business/Communications

This new edition of McGraw-Hill’s original widely-praised book* provides a tuneup for enhancing communications success in business and personal worlds.  As the Bard of Avon put it 4+ centuries ago “No man is lord of anything ‘til he communicate his parts to others.”

To succeed in business, communicating with colleagues, upper management, customers (real or potential), the general public and others along the way is a key factor in landing that job, doing it well., and getting that promotion. That may involve multiple modes of communication: interpersonal, written, speaking to groups (informal and high-stakes presentations), participating in meetings, and more recently via internet (e-mail, social media, webinars and more each day).

Here you’ll learn from the Bard’s memorable communicators, such as Henry V to his Band of Brothers, Marc Antony to his “Friends and Romans,” Cleopatra when shooting the messenger, Othello advising his team to put brain in gear before mouth, (and even Falstaff to shape up his band of scoundrels). Pithy examples from current day executives, politicians, and personalities sharply demonstrate ways to tune up (or mess up) communication prowess.

“In my various activities as a management executive, I know well the importance of good communication in the business world. Tom Leech’s 2nd Edition of Say It like Shakespeare provides sound approaches for improving communication in its various modes. He makes them ring strongly with many current examples (successes and goofs) matched with Shakespeare’s amazingly relevant and memorable quotes. I’ll be recommending it to my work team for sure.” Shirley Adams, current VP for Programs and former President San Diego Chapter of AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association)

“As a financial executive, now retired, I was constantly amazed at how the Bard’s words applied so well to the business world. Tom’s 2nd edition highlights many of these in a vivid and valuable manner. A must read.” Alex Sandie, President-Founder of San Diego Shakespeare Society.

“As a trainer and workplace expert, with backgrounds in theatre and corporate worlds, I found this especially intriguing. Linking the Bard’s memorable quotes to today’s world provides valuable communication tips in a style that stimulates and enlightens. A fun read that stirs even more appreciation for the Bard’s words and lessons.” Kit Goldman, President Workplace Training Network, Inc.

Specifics: From Presentations Press December 2013. $14.95 softcover (Kindle e-book $7.95), 332 pages. ISBN-10: 0981-769-314, ISBN-13: 978-0-9817693-1-8. For book details and to order copies, visit and Contact Tom at 858-650-0810 or

*  Original full title: Say It Like Shakespeare: How to Give a Speech like Hamlet, Persuade like Henry V, and Other Secrets from the World’s Greatest Communicator, McGraw-Hill (2001)

Say it Like ShakespeareSay It Like Shakespeare, 1st Edition (McGraw-Hill) received much acclaim as well.

Well-written and more interesting than most biz-speak guides…It’s laudable that Leech did something more interesting than most business authors, so as a change of pace, picking up this one may just fare thee well.” Presentations Magazine 

“Tom’s book is GREAT!!!! His writing style is so concise, practical and easy to understand. The information is very valuable for any one in any type of organization. I am VERY IMPRESSED!!!! It is full of great ideas and tips on how to handle any communications situation in a business setting. Being a professional in the communication field, I wish I had read this material years ago.” Gerald Lung, Assoc. Director, Center for Organizational Resources, Ball State University

 “A tremendous achievement in so many ways, not the least of which being the introduction of Shakespeare to kids. The book is such a delight and so filled with undeniable truths that I’m sure it will penetrate even through to politicians, attorneys and top managers.” Gloria Goforth, Communications Consultant

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 How to Prepare, Stage, and Deliver WINNING PRESENTATIONSHow To Prepare, Stage & Deliver Winning Presentations (AMACOM)
3rd Edition
by Thomas Leech

Sound familiar?

  • You’re professionally competent but avoid presentations like the plague. The butterflies go berserk at the idea of speaking public, limiting future opportunities.
  • You frequently find yourself required to make presentations, but never learned how. How to upgrade your capability?
  • As for many speakers today, PowerPoint is a major tool. Except you’re still getting low marks on your presentations! How can you make this tool help, not mess up, your presentations?
  • You have been complimented about your presentations, but your new job has upped the stakes to sales presentations, overseas. Need help, fast!
  • You’re now on a team which must prepare and deliver a high-stakes presentation – graphics, teamwork, serious Q&A. Where can you get some  help, right now?

From a top author and presentation coach, this may be your answer. From the American Management Association, Winning Presentations covers all the above presentation situation and more in a highly readable and informative manner. Written for both the novice and veteran presenter, it provides a wide range of practical tools and many illustrations to help you prepare and deliver your message with ease. The 1st edition was praised as one of the “Best Business Books of the year” by Library Journal. The 2nd edition received high marks from many readers and users. And now the new 3rd Edition has gained many plaudits:

Named by Presentations Magazine, April 2004 to its “Top of the class” list. “Out of all the books reviewed here, this is the one we recommend to anyone who has been asked to present and hasn’t stepped up to a podium since college. The book is well-written, easy to read and full of solid basics on presenting.”

***** 5.0 out of 5 stars.  By C. Campaigne(online “This book is filled with great information on how to put a presentation together and covers all the bases. I feel much more informed and confident after reading this book.”

“Tom Leech has proven again that he knows how to WIN and has written it down in these pages. He provided us with this same expertise, in person, and it helped to victory in the biggest competition in our history; against very formidable opponents. Believe what he says!” Bill Kincaid, VP Corp. Dev., Lockheed Martin Orincon

“A ‘must read’ for any presenters. Applies to all speaking forums – large or small, customers, corporate, Board of Directors, employees and even informal team meetings). The ‘15 fundamentals’ make it easy to learn, practice and refine your skills, resulting in improved, successful presentations.” Christine Probett, President, Goodrich A/C Interior Products

Available via in both paperback and Kindle e-book.  If you are a bookstore or would like to buy Winning Presentations in bulk, please place orders directly with AMACOM at